Real Estate Transaction – Ask Several Questions To Find The Right Agent, Realtor Or Broker

Which could be a more difficult thing to accomplish – buy or sell a house? Both of these have complexities. One cannot be considered easier than the other. They have different aspects to examine – details that may entail complexities. In addition, in either transaction any mistake committed by either of the buyer or seller may cause him or her great deal of money.

For this reason alone, the best thing to do is find a real estate agent, realtor or broker. So again, to know which of these three, you have to know the difference between an agent, a realtor or a broker. Their categories are not on the same level.

The broker is supposedly equipped with the best education and training in the field of real estate. He or she has been licensed and recognized by an association of realtors. Next to the real estate broker is a realtor. His licensure is different from the broker and has been categorized to have lesser training and education when compared to the broker. The agent is also licensed as such and his or her license is not the same as that of the realtor and broker. Of the three, the agent may not have the same amount of experience as a seasoned broker.

But no matter which of the three should you seek for your real estate needs, there are a number of questions to consider.

Question number one – How much experience in property buy and sell does each of them have?

Although the broker is said to be the most experienced, this quality cannot always be true in comparison to the realtor and agent. What if the broker is just new to the business? Then the other two lower categories can be more seasoned. You can gauge this with the length of time they had been in the buying and selling of properties. And even the length of time in the business is not sufficient gauge. The better yardstick could be the number of units sold and the frequency of sales.

Question number 2 – How experienced are these experts on the area or locality of your choice?

You have to determine who of the three had adequate knowledge of the area. You should be informed of the neighborhood as well as the nearby shops, supermarkets, schools and to some – the church is important. How accessible is public transport? One other important knowledge is on the rise and fall of property value in the area – the market trend in real estate in your particular area of choice.

Question number 3 – How many properties are there in the listing and the availability for viewing for buying clients?

You should be given a number of choices. Find the agent, broker or realtor who can give you more options. Each has his or her own listing and you should have as many choices as possible – both in price, style or design, size and location.

Question number 4 – How much time can he or she give you?

Double agent – both for seller and buyer can give you less time. If you are a buyer, you should find a buyer’s representative as this person can give you more time in your search for homes. Then in you are selling a property, find one who is concentrated on sales.

Real estate property business is not simple. Buying or selling a house both need careful planning and meticulous assessment. Not only the property is being examined but the real estate expert must be properly chosen.

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